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Iconic assets, made accessible

Koia brings passion, excitement and a human touch to today’s faceless world of investing and lets you invest in the things you know and love.

Strong Return Potential

Build your collection of fine wine, watches and rare sports cards and keep track of their performance. Benefit from price appreciation if the asset goes up in value.

Rare, Unique and In-Demand

Luxury goods may increase in value because of their limited production, growing demand and diminishing supply. As items such as classic cars are used, supply in prime condition becomes scarcer over time.

All the benefits of alternative assets,
with none of the hassle


When you sign up, we will ask you a few questions to understand your investment preferences and risk profile. It will take only 5 minutes and you can sign up online from anywhere.

Explore Assets,
Buy Shares

After you fund your account, Koia will compile your personal portfolio. We combine technology, sophisticated investment strategies and knowledge brought by our wine & spirits experts.

Physical Assets,
Digital Experience

Koia will authenticate, buy, insure and store the assets on your behalf in specialised storage facilities. Enjoy all the benefits of alternative assets, with none of the hassle.


Track the value of your assets any time via the Koia App. Once you're ready to sell, simply instruct your order via the app and Koia will automatically arrange the sale.


We source, verify and acquire unique and rare alternative assets.


We split each asset up into smaller fractions and take care of insurance, storage and maintenance.


We list the fractions on our platform, and let you invest in each asset.


When you're ready, sell your fractions via Koia's marketplace, or receive your returns when Koia sells the asset.

Invest like the 1%

Are you ready to start building your alternative asset collection? Get access to our latest drops via the Koia App.