Invest in what you love

We believe in opening up opportunities, from assets to education. The world’s wealthiest have invested in assets such as fine wine, art and watches for hundreds of years. The same opportunities have remained out of reach to most people. We plan to change that.

Koia is bringing passion, excitement and a human touch to today’s faceless world of investing. We’re making investing engaging and community is at the core of what we do.

The Founders

Richard Draper

Richard has extensive client facing and trading experience within asset management, having worked at Barclays, UBS and an event driven hedge fund. He also previously advised start-ups throughout the capital raising process.

Iris ten Teije

Iris has a background in launching and scaling startups. Before Koia, Iris built a fintech business out of Asia as its first employee, growing a global client base and receiving backing from investors such as Visa Ventures.

Ben Riazy

Ben has been developing apps and leading development teams for the past decade. Ben has experience in building apps for startups, as well as large corporates like HSBC, where he's spent the last few years of his career before founding Koia.

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