Iris ten Teije
September 28, 2021


Let’s start with one of the biggest of them all and a must-follow for any new or seasoned watch collector alike: Hodinkee. Founded in 2008, Hodinkee’s name comes from the Czech and Slovak word for wristwatch, “hodinky” and the watch publication covers both in-depth features on watches, interviews with famous collectors and news around the business of watches. 

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“Time series, margins and data from the watch market accompanied by the analysis of fashions and key industry news.”

When starting your alternative investment journey, one thing you might wonder about is how you can obtain data and analysis to help you make your investment decisions. Fortunately, the data around alternatives is getting better every day with blogs such as Alternative Assets Club providing key insights and marketplaces like PWCC and Chrono24 providing plenty of data to hobbyists and professionals alike. On Instagram, @watchanalytics is an excellent page to follow to get your daily dose of watch insights. 

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Stunning shots of and close-up of the world’s most exclusive watches, James’s Instagram features a wide range of high-end independent brands. If you couldn’t yet tell from the photos itself, this interview about tips to make your watch photography better shows just how much work goes into taking that perfect shot.

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“The leading online platform for discovering, buying and selling the world’s most exceptional watches.”

If you’re looking for a page to just admire some of the most beautiful watches around, a_collected_man is your go-to. The retailer started off as a place to sell high-end independent watches and now features a mix of independent brands and Rolex, AP & Patek. Recently, A Collected Man sold the most expensive watch ever sold by an independent brand: the Philippe Dufour watch pictured above which went for $7.6 million. 

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Like the previous seller featured on this list, Amsterdam Vintage Watches heavily invests in its content, resulting in stunning, high-quality photography. Having amassed a huge following over the years, their weekly drops often sell out in minutes. 

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See what the world’s biggest movie stars, football players and royalty are wearing at @celebwatchspotter. As with any piece of culture, celebrities can be influential tastemakers and when looking at a watch from an investment perspective we’re certainly keeping an eye on what’s trending with celebrities. 

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Not only does @pbandwatches have an impressive watch collection, the Toronto-based collector has also got a great eye for photography and his page is filled with creative watch content and lifestyle shots. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own watch photography, check it out. 

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To get a glimpse of some of the world’s most rare, collectable and expensive watches, head over to Sotheby’s watch account where the leading auction house features watches coming up in one of Sotheby's auctions. 

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Not only is A Blog To Watch one of the prime sources of watch news on the internet, unlike most other Instagram Accounts on this list it features a mix of both high-end collectable pieces as well as affordable luxury. 

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To finish off our list, we wanted to feature something a little different than your usual watch shots. Julie’s account features her art and drawings of watches. The attention to detail is impeccable and Julie sells both originals and prints of her work in her online shop. 

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