Iris ten Teije
May 13, 2021

The world’s wealthiest have invested in alternative assets for centuries. Today, as a result of new services and technology emerging, retail investors finally have a chance to get in on the action and invest in anything from startups to fine wine. However, with so many investment opportunities on the horizon, the world of alternative investments can be hard to navigate. In this post we will feature some of our favourite resources, which will help guide you along your alternative investment journey.

Alternative Assets Club

The Alternative Assets Club is perfect for anyone looking for new investment ideas. The blog is filled with in-depth articles on different alternative asset classes. Whether you want to learn more about watches, buying websites or investing in comic books the club has got you covered! The articles will help you assess whether an investment opportunity is suitable for you, and will give you some insight into how to get access to the asset class. Given the recent interest in NFTs, they also cover the hottest drops and latest NFT news. 

Alt Goes Mainstream

Instead of deep-dives into specific asset classes, The Alt Goes Mainstream blog is more focused on wider trends in the alternative investment space. For instance, they’ve talked about the alternative investment ecosystem and how it could develop, potential synergies and partnerships that may emerge between players in the space, as well as what the next wave of companies in the alts space may look like. On top of that, author Michael Sidgmore interviews some of the most prominent CEOs and experts in the field to bring you unique insights.


Decrypt is one of the top resources for following what’s happening in the crypto industry. The media outlet covers everything from latest news, investigative journalism, beginner guides and long reads going into specific themes. The content is accessible and understandable for those who aren’t yet deep into crypto & DeFi, but its deep-dives will offer new insights to newbies and crypto enthusiasts alike. 

Not Boring

While not strictly focused on alternative assets, Not Boring has some of the best content out there on alternative investments. The blog is mostly targeted at an audience that already has a good understanding of traditional investing and is interested in learning about all kinds of wider investing and technology trends. The blog has covered anything from how new online platforms are changing the retail investment landscape, to a deep-dive in art investment, to a deep-dive into DeFi with BlockFi


The NFT space has exploded in recent months, with quarterly sales going up 2100% reaching $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021. If you want to stay updated with what’s happening in NFTs, NonFungible is your to-go resource. The website keeps track of market trends, publishes market data and also features the latest projects. 

DeFi Prime

DeFi Prime features the latest news and projects in DeFi and is mainly targeted at those that are already familiar with the core concepts in crypto & DeFi (tip: read Decrypt’s “Learn” section to get on top of the basics). On DeFi Prime you’ll find out about some truly cutting-edge projects before they hit the mainstream, and you can also read in-depth analyses on the latest developments in DeFi.


On our own Koia blog, we cover all things alternative assets. Since a large part of our readers are just getting started on their alternative investment journey, much of our content is geared towards offering a comprehensive introduction to the world of alternative investments, as well as introductions to more specific asset classes, such as investing in wine or overviews of what types of alternative assets you can invest in.

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