Koia Team
June 22, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve closed an angel investment round and are welcoming Gary Clarke, ex-Head of Global Equities at Blackrock, Gary Dolman, co-founder of Monzo and André Mohamed, co-founder of Freetrade to the Koia family.

In addition to decades of experience in financial services André Mohamed and Gary Dolman co-founded two of the most successful consumer fintech businesses of the past decade, while Gary Clarke has previously led large investment teams with tens of billions of dollars of assets under management. We’re proud to count these prominent individuals with impressive track records amongst our backers and we couldn’t wish for better partners in our journey ahead.

Koia is on a mission to make alternative investments accessible to anyone, starting with collectibles like fine wine, watches and Pokémon Cards. Through fractional ownership, any investor can own a piece of an iconic asset. Koia is looking to make investing more engaging, by allowing users to invest in assets they are passionate about.

We believe that the democratisation of financial services has only just begun and that by leveraging technology, Koia can provide access to new, engaging and financially rewarding asset classes.

“Our mission is to break down barriers to wealth creation, and open up access to new investment opportunities. We want to make buying and selling a fraction of a Rolex, as easy as buying a fractional share in Apple.” Iris ten Teije, Koia co-founder.

To realise our vision, not only will Koia’s price points be more accessible; storage, insurance and authentication will also be taken care of. This means investors don’t face any of the hurdles they would typically face when attempting to invest in alternatives.

“Low-cost brokers have brought public markets to the masses. The next wave of fintech startups will democratise the full spectrum of financial markets. Koia is on the forefront of this trend, and I am excited to back the team.” André Mohamed, investor

Excited to get started? Our team is putting the finishing touches on our app and we’re preparing for our summer beta launch. Sign up for exclusive early access via the home page.

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At Koia, we allow you to buy, trade and collect fractions of iconic assets, starting from $60. Our experts make sure to source and buy the best assets, and we take care of authentication, storage and insurance. All of the benefits, with none of the hassle.

The articles and information made available on Koia are provided for information and educational purposes only and do not constitute financial advice. You are advised to consult with an independent financial advisor for advice on your specific circumstances.