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May 5, 2022

STEPN - the first move-to-earn fitness crypto game website

By: Yvonne Kwan

You may have once signed up for a gym membership or bought yourself one of those wellness-tracking wearable watches  as you tried to keep up with a home workout routine. Maybe the thought of the summer months rolling in is having you come up with ideas to get outside as the pandemic is slowly releasing its grip on the world. But why is it so hard for us to stay motivated to keep up with a consistent exercise routine?

Let’s take a look at some of the past fitness trends by Glofox:

  1.  Hybrid gym memberships
  2. Wellness-tracking wearable technology
  3. Exercising outdoors
  4. Low-impact exercise
  5. Inclusive fitness
  6. Mini workouts
  7. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  8. Mind-body
  9. Outdoor personal training
  10. Smart home gym
  11. Fun group fitness classes
  12. Movement as medicine

What is move-to-earn?

Thanks to STEPN, the idea of move-to-earn was born. STEPN, a mobile NFT game powered by Solana, aims to inspire millions to engage in a healthier lifestyle where players with a smartphone can earn crypto as an incentive by walking, jogging, or running. “By incentivizing movement and paying people to work out, this new generation of fitness startups give people everywhere an instant, clear incentive to get healthy.” - STEPN

To get started, players need to first purchase a Sneaker NFT which represents their training shoes that allows them to earn GST (Green Satoshi Token) that can be used to level up or mint new Sneakers. Their latest feature now allows players to lease or sell their NFT sneakers on the in-app Marketplace. What’s different about STEPN is that they welcome non-crypto natives to join their community with zero barriers, enabling their first steps in the world of Web3 effortlessly. What does that mean? The team at STEPN admits that a Sneaker NFT isn’t cheap. But, the game does  not  require players to own NFT to play and it means playing becomes more accessible and the app allows anyone to get started for free. What’s more, players can rent Sneakers from other players for  free via a credit rental system where earnings are split between the renter and the owner. Some players are allegedly earning hundreds of dollars a week using this new game, as more users are flocking towards the app and the token price is increasing. To learn more, here’s a great article going deeper into the tokenomics of STEPN and its risks and opportunities.

STEPN’s mission to reverse climate change.

But there’s more to STEPN than being just a new fitness concept. This Web3 lifestyle app is working towards achieving carbon neutrality. To help reduce the carbon footprint, STEPN has committed to using a portion of its profits to purchase Carbon Removal Credits on the blockchain. “At STEPN, we whole-heartedly believe in harnessing the power of blockchain, Game-Fi and Social-Fi for the betterment of global health and sustainability. Working with Nori will allow us to lead the charge and be the change we want to see in our world.” - Yawn Rong, co-founder of STEPN. Nori is a blockchain-backed Carbon Removal Marketplace with one mission - reverse climate change. We tend to overlook the carbon emissions from gyms and their impact on the environment. From the amount of electricity that is used to keep lights on and the drive to and from the gym, it all adds carbon emissions to the air. Holders of GMT, the governance token of STEPN, will be able to vote to decide how much of the Treasury profit pool will be donated to offset carbon. Players also have the option to donate their GST earnings to Carbon Credit buying.

In summary, if you haven’t been able to develop your exercise routine that is fun, engaging, and rewarding, then you probably would want to give STEPN a try! If you’re able to take a walk or go jogging outside, this is definitely a great opportunity to see what this new fitness concept is all about. STEPN has already grown its online community of users that are ready to help new users. 

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