Koia Team
August 2, 2021

After months of hard work, the Koia App is now live in the App Store  🙌

At Koia, we want to open up access to new investment opportunities and let you invest in what you know and love. The Koia App allows you to invest in alternative assets, such as fine wine, whisky and watches. We fractionalise these assets, so you as an investor can get started from just €50. 

Currently, the app is in beta, which means we only accept a limited number of new users into the app each day, to optimise the user experience, manage user feedback and fix any bugs we may encounter. 

Want to join the beta? The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll get access. You can also jump the queue by referring friends. 

What are the Koia App features?

The Koia App allows you to do the following:

  • Browse live sales and view upcoming asset drops
  • Learn more about each asset, such as its history and investment rationale
  • Buy fractions of assets
  • View your collection (fractions)

To find out about our first asset drop, simply download the app.

What’s next?

There are a number of features, big and small, that we’ll be developing over the coming months. Some of the features we are working on today are enhancing our pricing data to give you a real-time valuation of your collection and adding a customer support live chat. The big feature that we are preparing for and planning to launch early next year is our secondary market, enabling you to trade your fractions with other users.


We’d love to build this product together with you, our users and we want to make sure Koia is built around your needs. 

After you’ve tried out our app, we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions! You can reach us at hello@joinkoia.com to share any thoughts or schedule a chat with us!

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At Koia, we allow you to buy, trade and collect fractions of iconic assets, starting from $60. Our experts make sure to source and buy the best assets, and we take care of authentication, storage and insurance. All of the benefits, with none of the hassle.

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